Anthony 家族iglietti –摆脱自己的方式

在我们的“Where Are They Now?” series, Carrie connects with Anthony 家族iglietti! They talk about his current running adventures, balancing training with his work as a coach and business owner, and some heartbreaking (and inspirational) life-changing moments in his life.



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Anthony 家族iglietti

安东尼·法米格莱蒂(Anthony 家族iglietti)是2匹奥运田径比赛(2004年和2008年)的3000m障碍赛。他在道路和赛道上赢得了六次全国冠军,包括5k,8k,15k和跳栏板。他的个人最佳成绩为1500米(3:35(3:52英里)),个人最佳成绩为3:55。作为跳栏运动员,“Fam” raced other track events mostly in preparation for his steeplechase exploits. Despite this, in 2007 he held the fastest 5k by an American on U.S. soil with a 13:11 and narrowly missed setting the 5k American Record on the roads with a 13:28 in Carlsbad in 2009. 家族 is now 40 years old and currently continues to set high personal standards as he aims to be only the 4th man in history to break a four minute mile after 40. All three of the men on the list ahead of him are mile specialists, two of whom are arguably in contention to be ranked as the greatest milers of all-time. No stranger to challenges, 家族 is a uniquely driven athlete that has left an indelible mark on the running world through his racing style and charismatic persona. He has a deep personal history in running that inspires him to live the life of a modern day runner in ways that might currently seem outside the norm, but will likely become the future standard.


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